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Bug#239416: apache: Apache failling to upgrade

Hi Fabio

> > Chowing a -x to /usr/share/apache/postinst.common and then an apt-get
> > install apache just keep giving the same error (that was unable to
> > configure apache, etc).
> Sorry I was unclear. I meant to add set -x inside postinst.common to
> enable "debugging". The best place would be close to the bottom:
> do_all() {
> <few lines>
>     pkg="$1"
>     set -x
> <all the rest>

Right... that was my error...

> (...) Do you have any possibility to try to
> reinstall the old version, add that debug in postinst.common and try to
> upgrade again?
> I really can't see the problem and if we don't spot it or someone for us I
> doubt there is much i can do for this bug..

Is there a way to get older versions of some package? A repository of
every version of the packages?

I had another machine that ad Apache, but it just upgraded
without problems.
I made a diff between /usr/share/apache from and It's attached.

But the only solution that I see is to get the older version and install
it. But I don't know how to get older versions...


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