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Re: complaints about systemd

On 10/20/2014 05:28 PM, Christopher Browne wrote:

While I wasn't keen on Upstart getting chosen, I think the page they prepared
describing the merits of moving from SysVInit presents good points well.

Sure, there is always merit to both sides of an argument. In the process of fighting about things, we gradually resort to deeper and sillier caricatures of the 'other side'
and before ya know it, things get stupid.

Unfortunately, the current goings-on seem to risk being free of technical content,
and fodder for flame warring.

And that's what should be resisted at all costs.  It must be about merit.

I guess I find myself displeased with certain technical points (e.g. - claims of 1s boot time, that seem invalidated), but I'm usually finding things working on my systems that have SystemD. So far, I can't establish, from
my own observations, that "different" == "bad".

Experienced people tend to have a natural gut level distrust of anything new-fangled, often not without reason. Still, almost everyone agrees that the old sysV needed a brush up, so what's next? Surely the best possible thing would be to address the problems with 'D' without abandoning it altogether? The alternative systems don't seem to have any huge enthusiasm behind them. Anyway, I sure hope it doesn't come down to a schism.

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