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Re: complaints about systemd

On 10/09/2014 02:41 AM, Tomasz Kundera wrote:
I'd like to say "me too" as the shortest opinion. Dealing with local networks it is absolutely not important how much time the boot takes. Most machines works all the time. During maintenance reboots I can wait a few seconds more. But the complete lack of simplicity and transparency is horrible. Binary logs are horrible, too. Logs are mostly needed when some troubles arises. In that situation they should be accessible as easy and fast as possible. Often there will be no possibility to start a dedicated binary log analyzer. You need only "more" and "sed" to deal with text logs. systemd with no possibility to stay with SystemV is a horrible mistake.

From what I've read about the history and philosophy of all 'nix, I thought it was a bedrock rule that primary inputs and outputs *must* be text. Especially any sort of error log! To abandon that is to travel down the road to Redmond, is it not? Mr. Poettering seems to be a very clever lad, and it seems that some real deficiencies in the old init have been identified, and some real solutions offered, but it looks to me like systemd needs a sober re-think. Sometimes we really can be too clever for our own good.


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