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Re: Kernel panics on new machine

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 10:39:05AM -0400, Rob Klingsten wrote:
> >Ram is not trivial on AMD systems. :)
> Thanks again for the help ...  the RAM was used for about 4 months in  
> a desktop P4 system on an Asus board.  It is good RAM, Micron from  
> Crucial.  I suppose I must have shocked and killed it moving it, but  
> before this I have never had that happen in 20 years (and I've built  
> many systems.)

The memory may be as good as it was when you received it.  It still may
work perfectly on the P4.  However, the P4 is (most likely) more
tolerant of memory being off-spec than an AMD which seems to expect that
memory will be at least as good as spec and uses it to its max.


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