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Re: Kernel panics on new machine

Yes, I have the DIMMs in banks 1 and 2 out of 4 and I've removed and reseated them; I have swapped out the SATA cable, there are no PCI or PCI Express cards (system is headless.)

And it looks like it was just that easy; I pulled one DIMM and ran the system on a single 512, problem gone; I wrote out 3 separate 100gb files without incident.

It makes no sense to me as the RAM was fine in the other system, I never had problems.

Oh well, guess I'm getting new RAM.

thanks, sorry to trouble the list with such a trivial thing.


Rob Klingsten wrote:
Hi folks, I am over my head here with kernel panics...
I've got a shiny new system: Tyan S2865 (nforce 4 ultra), AMD Athlon x2 3800+, a single SATA-2 drive and 1gb of DDR400 RAM. The board and CPU are brand new, the drive and RAM came from a desktop machine which I had no problems with so I think those things are ok.

Does the motherboard require the RAM modules to be in pairs? If so, are they?

The usual warnings about seating of modules and cables also apply.

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