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Re: Kernel panics on new machine

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 16:39, Rob Klingsten wrote:
> >> Yes, I have the DIMMs in banks 1 and 2 out of 4 and I've removed and
> >> reseated them;  I have swapped out the SATA cable, there are no PCI
> >> or PCI Express cards (system is headless.)
> >>
> >> And it looks like it was just that easy;  I pulled one DIMM and ran
> >> the system on a single 512, problem gone;  I wrote out 3 separate
> >> 100gb files without incident.
> >>
> >> It makes no sense to me as the RAM was fine in the other system, I
> >> never had problems.
> >
> > What kind of system was the ram in before?
> >
> >> Oh well, guess I'm getting new RAM.
> >
> > Get GOOD ram.  Athlon64/Opteron systems are picky.  Well known name
> > brand ram is not much more money than generic (and usually crap) ram.
> >
> >> thanks, sorry to trouble the list with such a trivial thing.
> >
> > Ram is not trivial on AMD systems. :)
> Thanks again for the help ...  the RAM was used for about 4 months in
> a desktop P4 system on an Asus board.  It is good RAM, Micron from
> Crucial.  I suppose I must have shocked and killed it moving it, but
> before this I have never had that happen in 20 years (and I've built
> many systems.)
> I've ordered Corsair as a replacement.
> thanks!
> Rob

Lately, I mounted 2 stick of ram from one MB to a Asus MB with a AMD Athlon 
4400, and I got the system either not starting (kernel panic) or, when it 
started, I soon had bad memory access, and the system would freeze. I put new 
ram in and everything was OK, except I was frustrated to have lilled the 
memories. First time it happended to me. Then I tried to put them back in, 
and I changed the memory voltage in the bios from auto to 2 V. And, guess 
what, they worked fine, and are still in!!!
My 2 ct.

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