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lordSauron wrote:

okay... so, let's just say that hypothetically I choose to be a little
less than intelligent and try to use the motherboard built-in software
RAID.  Would that work?

Also, I'm a little skeptical of Linux's software RAID being better
(ie. faster) than my motherboards.  Is there any statistics I can look
at in regard to this?
It depends on _how_ the motherboard does RAID.  If the motherboard
has a true RAID controller that does raid in hardware - then sure,
it may beat linux software raid.  And it may not - linux certainly beat some
not so good hw raid controllers.

However if the motherboard "raid" merely is a stupid bios sw raid
then linux will perform much better.  How to know?  If windows need
a driver (supplied with the board) to use raid on that controller,
but no driver if the controller uses only one disk - then you have
one of those common fake raid controller.  Another way to know - if
you have a real hw raid controller, then it was expensive too.
Helge Hafting

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