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On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 10:15:52AM -0800, lordSauron wrote:
> I'm not going to get into pusing for a new taxonomy for RAID technology.
> Yeah, that's my problem ; )
> So, I should be able to get a generic JBOD working via RAID technology
> done in Linux, but my nForce3 nvRAID stuff is crap so don't use it,
> right?
> If you say don't use the nvRAID, then you will inevitably hear from me
> again asking *how* to do it.
> Thanks for your help so far though!

Setup the controller to run plain disks.  Then configure those disks
into a software raid in linux.  Not sure the installer supports anything
other than raid1, but I don't remember since that is the only option I
ever wanted so I didn't pay much attension to it.

Running LVM accross multiple disks is (almost) as unreliable as raid0,
without the performance gains of stripping (unless you explicitly tell
it to stripe it at create time, but later size changes will not pay
attension to the striping either way).  I run LVM only on top of raid1
devices so that at least I am not too likely to loose a chunk of the

Len Sorensen

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