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On 11/9/05, Alexander Charbonnet <alexander@charbonnet.com> wrote:
> > Getting way off-topic here, but I really wish people would stop calling
> > raid 0 a raid, as there is nothing redundant about it.  Just aid 0, maybe?

I'm not going to get into pusing for a new taxonomy for RAID technology.

> That's the "0" part.  There's zero RAID happening!

Yeah, that's my problem ; )

So, I should be able to get a generic JBOD working via RAID technology
done in Linux, but my nForce3 nvRAID stuff is crap so don't use it,

If you say don't use the nvRAID, then you will inevitably hear from me
again asking *how* to do it.

Thanks for your help so far though!

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