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Re: random system hang

I also forgot to mention that xscreensaver seems better behaved. The
OpenGL screensavers no longer "bleed" onto the screen in preview mode
(from KDE) and most of them seem to work when quickly scrolling through


On Tue, June 21, 2005 17:23, Ron Farrer said:
> Based on some off-list discussion I decided to try recompiling the nvidia
> kernel driver with gcc 3.4.4 (instead of 3.3.6) and give a kernel boot
> option of "acpi=off". The results so far show much better stability in X
> and the kernel no longer complains about loosing ticks. I'll keep an eye
> on it but ut2004 (amd64 binary) no longer randomly crashes - something I
> did not notice before because I didn't play the game long enough on this
> machine (hence why I stated it was fine in a previous post). However, it
> hasn't been that long (day and a half) and only time will tell if either
> change fixed anything...

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