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random system hang

My dual opteron system hangs at random intervals. Sometimes it's stable
for a week, sometimes it hangs after just a few hours. The symptoms
are always the same - NONE. Carefully scanning the system logs shows
abslutely nothing occurred to cause a hang. No kernel oopses, no error
messages. It's been this way ever since I insalled debian 6 months ago -
before that I was running CentOS, and it never died then, so I'm pretty
sure it's not a hardware problem.

I'm currently using kernel 2.6.12-rc5, running debian unstable. I've
used other kernels, and had the same mysterious hangs.

Of course, it could all be due to that whole "unstable" package source,
but I've run several systems (32 bit) from unstable sources and never
had problems like this.

Can anyone suggest things to look for to track this problem down? Or 
what to instrument?

			thanks....	Charles.

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