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Re: random system hang

On Fri, June 17, 2005 13:09, Ron Farrer said:
<lots of snipping>
> On one of the lockups I started killing off processes and finally
> determined that X was not stopping when given the HUP and SEGV signals.
> Running (I use KDE) "/etc/init.d/kdm stop" would end in an error about the
> xserver not responding. Luckily (for me) X would stop with a KILL signal
> (-9) and I was able to restart X with "/etc/init.d/kdm restart" which
> would then return the local console and the frozen screen to normal and
> the machine would operate normally from that point on.

I guess I didn't "knock on wood" quick enough or something. After I sent
my reply I left for lunch and apon returning (1 hour) the thing was locked

I went over to another machine, logged in via ssh. I looked at the CPU
usage and X was pegging one of the CPUs out to 100% usage. xscreensaver
appeared to have died (it was not in the output of "ps aux") but it was
clearly the last thing on the frozen screen. I noted the system load was
2.95 (the machine was idle when I left it). I killed X (with -9) and
restarted kdm. I opened (still on ssh) a file in vim (a text file that I
had been editing before I left for lunch) and vim hung. So I opened
another ssh session and ran "ps aux" and it hung before finishing the list
(got probably 3/4 the way through). So I tried to run "less
/var/log/messages" and it hung.  Ok, so I opened yet another ssh session
and tried to run "top" and the whole system stopped responding (first time
ever). At this point I could no longer ssh in. Left with no other choice I
pressed the "reset" and the box came back up fine. Just a bit of FYI if
anyone has an idea about the cause.

BTW I'm running Debian kernel 2.6.11-9-amd64-k8-smp


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