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Re: random system hang

Ron Farrer wrote:

Hardware list (to look for any possible common connections):
2 x Opteron 252
Tyan S2875
2GB DDR400 (2 x 1GB)
SATA (one seagate drive)
IDE (one sony DVDRW)
EVGA Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra 256MB (AGP 8x, FW, and SBA enabled)
no PCI devices installed
I have Tyan S2875 with one Opteron 240, DDR400. I can give some advise.
1. I had problems with SATA drive. Update BIOS to newest. Bios for S2875 is very buggy especialy for SATA (may be your swap in SATA?). 2. I had hangs with DDR400. memtest86+ show buggy DIMM. Try this usefull test. 3. I very often have hang with mplayer. But mplayer is not in debian, thus I can't comment this.

Olleg Samoylov

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