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Re: random system hang

On Tue, June 21, 2005 2:40, Thomas Steffen said:
> It might just be the X server going crazy. Since it runs as root, it
> can take the whole system down if it crashes. You may try to compile
> "Magic keys" into the kernel, so that you can kill the server using
> the keyboard.

That's good advice. Although with only one exception I have been able to
ssh in and restart X or reboot the machine.

> But what I would really recommend is to try X.org 6.8 from ubuntu. It
> has solved many many problems for me (ATI card), and my machine rans
> fine now.

I'd like to try x.org, but I think I'll wait until it's in sid.

> Hm... I had some issues with my SATA drive. The connection was not
> reliable, so that it would "unplugg" itself. A new cable fixed that.
> Is /var/log/messages on the SATA drive?

This is possible but I have done a LOT of heavy I/O to/from the disk
without even a hickup. I even (recently) copied 200GB from an ATA/100
drive to a SATA drive without issue.

Based on some off-list discussion I decided to try recompiling the nvidia
kernel driver with gcc 3.4.4 (instead of 3.3.6) and give a kernel boot
option of "acpi=off". The results so far show much better stability in X
and the kernel no longer complains about loosing ticks. I'll keep an eye
on it but ut2004 (amd64 binary) no longer randomly crashes - something I
did not notice before because I didn't play the game long enough on this
machine (hence why I stated it was fine in a previous post). However, it
hasn't been that long (day and a half) and only time will tell if either
change fixed anything...


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