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Re: random system hang

On Tue, June 21, 2005 0:09, Olleg Samoylov said:
> I have Tyan S2875 with one Opteron 240, DDR400. I can give some advise.
> 1. I had problems with SATA drive. Update BIOS to newest. Bios for S2875
> is very buggy especialy for SATA (may be your swap in SATA?).

I am running the latest BIOS (3.00) because it is required to get this
board to POST with Opteron 252 processors (found that out the hard way).

> 2. I had hangs with DDR400. memtest86+ show buggy DIMM. Try this usefull
> test.

I left memtest run overnight (I know, not that long...) and there were no

> 3. I very often have hang with mplayer. But mplayer is not in debian,
> thus I can't comment this.

I can't comment here as I don't use mplayer. I do use xine and it runs
perfectly from a chroot (for w32 codecs). XMMS runs fine natively.


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