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Re: dependency problems base-files, libc6

David Wood schrieb:

> It may just be safest to refer to sarge and sid, rather than
> stable/testing/etc, since the latter are apparently subject to change at
> the moment.

At last, I upgraded to sid, see my previous mail here ...

> If you installed as sarge, you should stick with sarge unless you want
> to start over, or are prepared for a dist upgrade.

Installation was done with testing, so sarge should have worked fine
(should it?), if there were not the dependency problems. I wonder what
people experience who are trying a new installation --- I´d expect they
would run into the same problem and be unable to complete the installation?

>> That´s true, and I would do that if it wouldn´t involve the expense of
>> getting a duplicate dual-Opteron system.
> Perhaps just getting another hard drive and using the same machine?

Hmmm ... It is running a hardware RAID 5 on 6 SATA disks, one being a
spare. I might be able to put in another disk at the on-board
controller, but I´d have to spend weekends to install and to test.
Whatever testing I could do then would be rather limited.

It would be better to get another machine with an AMD64 and use it as my
client and for the testing. Testing with it would be even more limited,
but I have to do something about the issue --- it´s a very bad idea
having to test on the production server. This time I seem to have been
lucky, but what about the next time?


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