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Re: dependency problems base-files, libc6

Niklas Ögren schrieb:

> You should use sarge, and not stable/testing/unstable, when writing your
> sources.list, and pointing to any of the new mirrors of amd64.debian.net
> It's actually done some time ago.. the transition from testing to
> stable, for sarge that is..
> I am a happy user of sarge, and have been running it on a production
> machine without any issues. Just follow this mailinglist and read
> announcements of whats happening with the distribution and the archives.

Since sarge had the same dependency problem, I upgraded to sid yesterday
evening, and it went well as far as I can tell yet. It was the choice
between running an half-way upgraded, maybe inconsistent system without
the ability to do reasonable backups, or to take the chance to upgrade
to a probably sufficiently working system with the ability to do the
backups. In case of failure, I could have spent the night on fixing it ...

And I will have to follow this mailing list to keep informed on what´s
going on.


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