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Re: dependency problems base-files, libc6

David Wood schrieb:

> Instead of sid, you are trying to use "stable," which I have no
> experience with. I think stable is now sarge, although this transition
> is extremely recent

Yes, I was using testing before stable, but what has been testing has
apparently become sarge, and I suppose sarge is more stable than testing
(and sid) now.

> and if you are really concerned about what's going
> to happen, I would seek confirmation from someone who has. I haven't
> attempted to use debian/amd64's sarge/testing/stable for anything yet...

Well, does anyone know for sure what´s going on and which distribution
should be used now?

> If you aren't set up for that, then you should set yourself up; get a
> second host, copy everything to it, and try whatever you're going to try.

That´s true, and I would do that if it wouldn´t involve the expense of
getting a duplicate dual-Opteron system.


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