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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

Yeah, that's what I'm really thinking about : to install Knoppix onto the
HDD, and then to upgrade (or downgrade?) ;) it to Sarge.

Although I like the Knoppix interface .. ;)

Thank you for the idea :)

Ciao: Tudiatya (Eperkutyus too) :)

> Sorry, I misunderstood -- I thought you wanted to get Debian installed,
> I didn't realize you wanted to put pressure on the developers and
> improve the installer.  I'll let them respond in that case.
> BTW, did you know you could just install from Knoppix? It won't give
> you the cleanest Debian, but it sure works. I'm guessing the Knoppix
> people would be more interested in overclockers than most Debian
> developers, but I could be wrong.
> Dave
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