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Re: SATA Silicon Image 3114 support for A64 images ?

Tudiatya wrote:
> No, I didn't try sata_sil .. I don't know, how. :) The Debian Installer
> modules list (which modules to load) doesn't contain sata_sil, only sata_nv.
> :(

If the debian-installer doesn't support your SATA device,
then the standard procedure would be to send the output
of lspci and lspci -n to the debian-boot mailing list,
asking for support.

As a workaround to make your machine install I would
suggest to manually load the sata_sil module at installation
time. Boot in expert mode, and try to

	modprobe sata_sil

on another console (Alt-F2) before entering the partitioning

Good luck


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