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Re: AMD64 small form factor

> Yes, it was the me you replied to in the thread mentioned above and I did
> try this image, but same problem: it gets to the point of loading the
> sata_nv driver and then it stalls for about 30 secs. Continuing with the
> installation just results in the disk not being detected.

OK, that is weird.

> I have tried around 20 images over the last month or so and they all have
> the same problem. Just tried the latest monolithic iso from March 5, same
> problem.
That stinks :-(  (You knew that though!)

> It is a little strange that it works for you and not for me.  Maybe the
> difference lies in the brand of harddisk? I have a Seagate Sata 120 GB
> sata150 7200.7 Rpm / NCQ disk on the first sata contoller.
I have a Hitachi 250G Deskstar SATA on the first controller.  I have an NEC
dual layer DVD burner on the second PATA controller (and nothing on the
first) - I have no idea if that makes a difference.

> I tried gentoo and compiled my own kernel. I compiled the sata_nv drier
> statically into the kernel and then there is no problem.

I wonder if doing a "Debian from Scratch" kind of install would work?

You could at least see if that kernel supports your disk/controller.  (It
worked on my machine well enough to reinstall grub after another OS decided
to rewrite my boot sector.)  Otherwise I guess you could look at using your
working kernel with debian-installer.  It's been a long time since I tried
to do anything like that but I don't recall it being too hard.  This was
probably with a boot floppy (as opposed to a CD) but it seems like it would
be a similar process...

Take care,
Dale E. Martin - dale@the-martins.org

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