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Re: AMD64 small form factor

> Yes, I have a SN95G5 and I have had no luck in installing any of the iso
> images distributed on alioth. It is the sata controller which is the
> stumbling block, the controller is recognized, but the disk attached to
> it is not. It does work with Ubuntu though, so it is not that the
> hardware as such is not supported under Linux. Hopefully it will be
> solved before too long. I don't think that my problems should deter you
> from getting such a machine - it is really a very nice - and very
> powerful - little box.

I installed my SN95G5 with very few problems.  (During the CD part of the
install the network card did not work, once I was running from the disk it
was fine.)  I'm writing this message on it right now (albeit from the x86
port - I sometimes run amd64 on it as well.)  I had to jump through some
minor hoops to get xfs working, too.

Look at this message for the version of the installer I used:

Take care,
Dale E. Martin - dale@the-martins.org

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