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One unsuccessfull and two successfull sarge installs

With the arrival of some more hardware, I've tested debian-pure64 sarge on the first two boards. Because these are for server use, audio is bios disabled and X won't be installed. Both are Micro ATX motherboards with on board VGA, accompanied by an Athlon64 2800+ CPU and 512MB Kingston DDR400.

Asus K8S-MX, SiS 760GX/965L chipset, SiS 191 10/100 LAN
Problem free installation with DFS using an external RTL network card, internal LAN not functional with latest SiS drivers from sis.com.tw or linux 2.6.11. It seems both of these drivers don't recognize the 191 model LAN chip, and it seems the latest SiS drivers are still only available for Windows. I'm putting this system on the shelf for a few weeks, hoping that they'll release a driver then. As it's installed in a Flex ATX case with half height PCI slots, using a common PCI network card isn't an option.

MSI K8MM-ILSR, Via K8M800/VT8237 chipset, Via VT8237 10/100 LAN
Problem free installation with DFS using via-rhine module for LAN. This must be an older model onboard NIC, as all other boards with on-board Via LAN have used the newer via-velocity driver. I repeated the installation on another identical system, just chose to use cdebootstrap instead of debootstrap for the chroot. No problems there either.

Fortunately, I have a pile of MSI boards and only one problematic Asus model. However, the design and ease of physical installation/maintenance are far better on the Asus board. If the LAN driver issue is fixed, I'll probably be purchasing more Asus boards of this model in the future. I'm betting on this, as SiS generally seems to support Linux pretty well.

Application wise, I've tested some game server software (i386 binaries) on pure64 Sarge. ia32-libs doesn't help much, but the HOWTO documention on installing an ia32 chroot works perfectly, all I did was replace sid with sarge. I can confirm the functionality of Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive linux server binaries. In the "seems to work but unverified" category I can mention Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Medal of Honor: Spearhead and Half-Life 2. This means the linux servers run without problems, but I haven't been able to test functionality with client software.

Kyuu 'Vekotin' Eturautti

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