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Re: AMD64 small form factor

Alex Perry <alex.perry@qm.com> wrote:
> (1)  Does anybody have experience of Debian/Sid/AMD64 _not_ working on 
> the Shuttle SN85 or SN95 motherboards - that are in their XPC units ?

Yes, I have a SN95G5 and I have had no luck in installing any
of the iso images distributed on alioth. It is the sata
controller which is the stumbling block, the controller is
recognized, but the disk attached to it is not. It does work
with Ubuntu though, so it is not that the hardware as such is
not supported under Linux. Hopefully it will be solved before
too long. I don't think that my problems should deter you from
getting such a machine - it is really a very nice - and very
powerful - little box.


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