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Re: AMD64 small form factor

Dale E. Martin <dale@the-martins.org> wrote:

> I installed my SN95G5 with very few problems.  (During the CD part of the
> install the network card did not work, once I was running from the disk it
> was fine.)  I'm writing this message on it right now (albeit from the x86
> port - I sometimes run amd64 on it as well.)  I had to jump through some
> minor hoops to get xfs working, too.

> Look at this message for the version of the installer I used:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/02/msg00015.html

Yes, it was the me you replied to in the thread mentioned above
and I did try this image, but same problem: it gets to the
point of loading the sata_nv driver and then it stalls for
about 30 secs. Continuing with the installation just results in
the disk not being detected. 

I have tried around 20 images over the last month or so and
they all have the same problem. Just tried the latest
monolithic iso from March 5, same problem.

It is a little strange that it works for you and not for me.
Maybe the difference lies in the brand of harddisk? I have a
Seagate Sata 120 GB sata150 7200.7 Rpm / NCQ disk on the first
sata contoller.

I tried gentoo and compiled my own kernel. I compiled the
sata_nv drier statically into the kernel and then there is no


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