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Re: Instead of chroot for i386

Thanks for the reply, wow, that IS fast. 

On Sat, 05 Mar 2005 13:30:52 -0800, Alex Perry wrote:

>> I'm running an i386 Debian Sarge perfectly well, and I have sufficient
>> spare partitions to test AMD64 Sarge. In this case, is it ok just to
>> append my i386 tool paths to the PATH and add i386 library paths to
>> ldconfig?
> Sure.  The easy way to do that is to mount your i386 filesystem tree 
> inside the amd64 filesystem tree and refer to it as a chroot thereafter.

Well, I was thinking to abolish the chroot entirely.

Say my i386 Debian Sarge is mounted on /os/deb32. Then, having configured
the ldconfig, just launch ooffice (or any other tools not available in
amd64 yet) as /os/deb32/usr/bin/ooffice -- no bind mount, no dchroot, no
various sym-links.

theoretically, should it work?


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