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Re: Instead of chroot for i386

The quick answer:
It doesn't matter whether the i386 is inside, outside, or next to the amd64 chroot. I've got them next to each other, just for symmetry.

Tong wrote:
My understand that the solo reason for the i386 chroot to exist is to
avoid messing up 64bit and 32bit libraries. Is that so?

Yes.  Well, mostly.

I'm running an i386 Debian Sarge perfectly well, and I have sufficient
spare partitions to test AMD64 Sarge. In this case, is it ok just to
append my i386 tool paths to the PATH and add i386 library paths to

Sure. The easy way to do that is to mount your i386 filesystem tree inside the amd64 filesystem tree and refer to it as a chroot thereafter.

To me, theoretically it should work, and it is much much simpler than
doing a brand new i386 chroot install.

Nonono ...
Whatever you do, don't do another install if you've got a working one.

Since nobody says so, I guess I might be missing something here. Please
comment. Thanks

Nope.  Most people these days have amd64 as their first installation.

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