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Re: newbie questions for amd64

>  Oh, and PCI-X GeForces are available on the market?  I guess I'll
>  have to look around again :-)

It's not PCI-X itself, but it's compatible with PCI-X slots: it will
work in a 3.3V or 5V slot.

> But poking around the K8/AMD64 drivers, I don't see any explicit
> mention of PCI-X and I was never sure what that meant...

Well, I think in general companies downplay their PCI support because
only us whackos with dual-head systems care.  If I could get a
reasonable AGP dual-head card with DVI-D output and good, reliable
2D/3D performance under Linux, I'd probably go that route; alas, I
haven't found any.  Do you know of any?

>  From the kernel logs I got (AGP system), I got the impression the
>  thing was having trouble inside the interrupt handler, but blind
>  guesses at the problem didn't have much success.

Mine seems to have trouble with memory region remapping: the BIOS
configures the PCI card with two overlapping memory regions (!!),
which Linux then remaps to fd000000 and c0000000.  This is fine,
seeing as the nv driver manages to cope with it; but I suspect the
nvidia driver can't, for some unknown reason.

> If you give the guy enough info for them to reproduce the problem,
> they usually do something about it, but as I said, you have to have
> a ton of patience.

Hey, I even offered to give them root on my box.  We'll see if they
have anything to say. :)


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