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Re: newbie questions for amd64

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 02:19:02PM -0500, Kyle Rose wrote:

 > >  It's not a PCI-X system, is it?  (Just out of curiosiry, these
 > >  things are suppossed to be available somewhere, and I'm curious
 > >  about the performance)
 > It is.

 Oh, and PCI-X GeForces are available on the market?  I guess I'll have
 to look around again :-)

 > I presume there is some interaction between the nVidia driver and the
 > motherboard PCI-X chipset that causes the problem

 Hmmm... AFAIUI, the PCI-X controller on the Opteron is supported, how
 good the support is, no idea.  The same goes for the AGP part.  Some
 PCI-X stuff was contributed by HP, for their very cool Alpha system
 (which is supposed to run Linux, too) and their Itanium systems (all
 these use the ZX1 chipset).  But poking around the K8/AMD64 drivers, I
 don't see any explicit mention of PCI-X and I was never sure what that

 From the kernel logs I got (AGP system), I got the impression the thing
 was having trouble inside the interrupt handler, but blind guesses at
 the problem didn't have much success.

 > I have so far gotten zero response from the nVidia guys, too, which
 > doesn't give me a huge amount of confidence that they're going to
 > come up with a fix.

 I general they read bug reports, act on them, but the release schedule
 is rather slow.  On their driver download page you'll find a link to a
 support forum where one of their employees hangs around answering
 questions.  If you give the guy enough info for them to reproduce the
 problem, they usually do something about it, but as I said, you have to
 have a ton of patience.  It's far from perfect, but since so many
 people bought into it, I don't really think this will ever change.

 Thanks for the info,


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