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Re: newbie questions for amd64

"Marcelo E. Magallon" <mmagallo@debian.org> writes:

>  It's not a PCI-X system, is it?  (Just out of curiosiry, these things
>  are suppossed to be available somewhere, and I'm curious about the
>  performance)

It is.

I presume there is some interaction between the nVidia driver and the
motherboard PCI-X chipset that causes the problem, because I get
excellent DVD playback performance on *the same display* (same
hardware configuration) with the open source nv driver, and I got
flawless performance out of the proprietary nvidia driver on my old
system (dual Athlon).

But, it's not a problem limited to PCI-X: I have an old 5V GeForce2
that I put in the one PCI-only slot and it had exactly the same

>  Other than that, consider yourself lucky... I know of a system that
>  just doesn't work :-\

Yeah, well my second display is close to worthless at the moment: I
used to use it primarily for DVD playback, but now I'm forced to watch
DVD's on the AGP display and work in the PCI one, which is terribly
slow in the mode it's caught in: you really need to see how slow it is
to understand, it's *that* comical.  I have so far gotten zero
response from the nVidia guys, too, which doesn't give me a huge
amount of confidence that they're going to come up with a fix.


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