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Re: newbie questions for amd64

Tony Hoyle <tmh@nodomain.org> writes:

> Stephen Hassard wrote:
>> AGP support on non-AMD chipset boards seems to be lacking under linux
> right now. It looks like neither the VIA K8T800 or NVidia nForce3 AGPs
> are supported from the 2.6 kernel ATM.
> The AGP is on the processor AFAIK.  The closed NVidia drivers support it
> OK (I run a geforce4 on mine) but the 2.6 kernel support is a bit fubar
> - it just crashes when you try to go into X.

This isn't universally true: I run the proprietary nVidia driver with
a GeForce FX 5600 on a Tyan Thunder K8W dual Opteron, and the main
problem I have is not with the AGP card, it's with the second (PCI
GeForce FX 5200) display, on which I get absolutely lousy (PIO-like)

But I *have* to use the kernel AGPGART implementation of the AMD-8151
bridge instead of the nVidia driver's AGP subsystem: if I try to use
the driver's, I get a hard lock.


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