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Re: newbie questions for amd64

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 01:34:33PM -0500, Kyle Rose wrote:

 > This isn't universally true: I run the proprietary nVidia driver with
 > a GeForce FX 5600 on a Tyan Thunder K8W dual Opteron, and the main
 > problem I have is not with the AGP card, it's with the second (PCI
 > GeForce FX 5200) display, on which I get absolutely lousy (PIO-like)
 > performance.

 It's not a PCI-X system, is it?  (Just out of curiosiry, these things
 are suppossed to be available somewhere, and I'm curious about the

 Other than that, consider yourself lucky... I know of a system that
 just doesn't work :-\


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