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Re: ccc install


They usually get back to me within a day or two, I'd be surprised if you didn't already have the key by now...

Richard Fillion wrote:

OK Now i see what i was doing wrong on their website.  I now have the
deb, but no password.  I applyed for the educational license, and am
waiting for that.  How long does that usually take?  And btw...i dont
mind at all if  you cc to the mailing list.  I'm sure i'm not the only
person out there who has this problem.

Richard Fillion

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 11:28, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
The ccc .deb description says:

Compaq does not allow redistribution of their software. Therefore, this
package requires the user to fetch the ccc RPM archive separately
from their web site at http://www.support.compaq.com/alpha-tools/ .  When you
install this package you will be guided through that process.

When I go through that page, then click through "Enhtusiast and Education" license and fill in the fields, it sends me to ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/linuxdevtools/latest/downloads.html which has (encrypted) (not like I said earlier, that was the cxx version).

I hope that works for you, please let me know.

[BTW, do you mind that I replied back to the list last time?]

Richard Fillion wrote:

That provides ccc-

unstable ccc wants:

Will it make a difference?

Richard Fillion

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 22:53, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
Richard Fillion wrote:
Maintainer: Adam C. Powell, IV <hazelsct@debian.org> Architecture: alpha

This package installs the file ccc- from the above

ccc-    <--- thats what i had to download from the
As we say in New York, "Akhaa!" The website and sid/sarge .deb should be, I think the sid/sarge .deb is installable in woody, since it only depends on gcc-2.95.
Holy crap, you're the maintainer, i guess my problem is in good hands
then. eheh.
Well, I like to think so, but the truth is that I'm just the guy who volunteered, there are many people on this list who know quite a bit more than I.
I think the problem is an incompatibility between those 2
rpms.  I'm doing all of this on Debian Woody, should i try sarge's "ccc"
or sid's?
Both (sid and sarge are both


-Adam P.

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