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Re: ccc install

Richard Fillion wrote:

I installed ccc on my box to see if i could get better performance out
of some apps with it instead of gcc.  I followed these instructions :


This is ancient, you can now "apt-get install ccc" and follow the instructions so its script installs the ccc RPM "properly".

And ccc now runs, but i cant compile anything. rick@pwsrhix:~/dev/C$ cat helloworld.c #include <stdio.h>
       printf("Hello World\n");
rick@pwsrhix:~/dev/C$ ccc helloworld.c -o helloworld
cc: Severe: /usr/include/stdio.h, line 34: Cannot find file <stddef.h>
specified in #include directive. (noinclfilef)
# include <stddef.h>

I haven't seen this problem, but YMMV.

Note that I can't get cxx to work in unstable, but that shouldn't affect ccc.

Please let me know if uninstalling the aliened rpm and reinstalling via the .deb works.


-Adam P.

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