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Re: ccc install

Hi all,

>> Richard Fillion wrote:
> >I installed ccc on my box to see if i could get better performance out
> >of some apps with it instead of gcc.  I followed these instructions :
> >
> >http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/241/2001/3/0/5451555/
> >
> This is ancient, you can now "apt-get install ccc" and follow the 
> instructions so its script installs the ccc RPM "properly".

Old ghosts always come back to haunt you ;-)
When i did the original posting about installing ccc, I was under
the impression, that the Debian-install method already was
on it's way.
I haven't tried the apt-get install for ccc, since i persistently install
my ccc by hand ( just to make sure it gets a grasp of my relativly
strange gcc/glibc/includes setup ).

If desired, I could do an "up-to-date" version of the orginal document,
just to have a fallback-method at hand. I do prefer the apt-get
method, since it's the Debian way. But unfortunately, my old document
pops up every few months or so. Since I did it, i feel somehow 
responsible for keeping it up to date.

Comments ?

Thomas Weyergraf ( still on alpha as a happy user ;-)

Thomas Weyergraf                                                kirk@colinet.de
My Favorite IA64 Opcode-guess ( see arch/ia64/lib/memset.S )
"br.ret.spnt.few" - got back from getting beer, did not spend a lot.

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