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Re: Compiling packages

Joel Klecker <jk@cerberus.espy.org> writes:

> >I'm also very interested in someone producing an automated build
> >script.
> <ftp://debian.nocrew.org/pub/debian-all/debbuild>

Oh, uh, yeah, that.  

1) It's written in es(1) for no particularly good reason.

2) It's horribly named because I didn't originally intend it to be
   used by anyone other than myself.

3) It isn't really a build-entire-distribution type thing; it's more
   intended to be used on a day to day basis with quinn diff.

4) It *won't* mail the source maintainers unlike other autobuild
   scripts I won't mention; if you do end up using Netgod's script
   please turn this feature off.  A lot of maintainers (myself
   included) don't appreciate unsolicited ``your package built fine;
   how was your day?'' mails.

Despite the above, me and Christian and a couple of other m68k people
have happily built thousands of packages with it for m68k.  If anyone
does use it, please do mail me with any problems/whatever.

Upcoming functionality will be the ability to munge changes files to
add frozen to the distribution automagically and then resign.
Whenever frozen actually appears that is.

James - who just made quinn diff run faster.  I think.

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