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Re: Compiling packages

Paul Slootman writes:
 > On Wed 18 Mar 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:
 > > Is there any efford going on in compiling packages from 2.0.
 > > Now that the source is frozen it is the right time to
 > > catch up with the i386 maintainers.
 > Yes, I agree completely. I was going to ask something similar yesterday,
 > but the debian-alpha list had died :-(
 > This also needs some coordination, to prevent duplications. I'll do exim
 > first (personal interest :-)

 I don't know which of the packages already are compiled with egcs, so
 it looks like we should do the whole bunch of it again.
 Best thing would be, people would choose a whole section and try to
 compile everything  with priority  required and standard at least.

 I'm working at the base section at the moment.
 I compiled my own egcs here from a snapshot of 980302, because
 I couldn't find the source package from Chris. If you want to give it
 a try: <ftp://iem.mhsg.ac.at/debian/egcs>
 I think this is ok except for those packages who fail to compile because of

 > BTW, what are the exact steps needed to do such a package? I guess it
 > needs to be done as a non-maintainer upload, but what is needed for
 > that? The debian/changelog needs to be edited, but what / how? And what
 > then needs to be uploaded? When I last tried to upload my own package
 > without including the .orig.tar.gz, for example, it got rejected...

 Binary only can be uploaded when using the -m switch to dpkg-buildpackage.
 As you said before, we should coordinate the compiling effort.
 - First step would be to collect volunteers.
 - Maybe somebody has written a compilation script which we could use 
 (I did sort of, but my bash programming is really bad). 
 - General guidelines, how to upload ( It would be great if we had a
   script which could handle that too)
   I think a similar thing exists for the Sparc - port
 - Test the compiled packages


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