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Re: automatic build script

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Paul Slootman:
> > I've been digging through my archive, and found the script posted by
> > Lars on Nov 10, 1997. I've included it again in the attachment.

The current version should be findable at <http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/>.
There's even a .deb package for it. :)

(I haven't run that version of the package, I think. Feel free to
report bugs to me directly.)

About compiling Debian/Alpha: A fast machine (like our 500 MHz/256 MB
system) should be able to compile everything in two weeks, maybe less
(but we've had trouble keeping the system up for that long, grr).
However, the problem is that most packages don't compile cleanly, and
looking at the problems takes most of the time. I'll try to set up a
system for compiling things ASAP, but don't hold your breath. (I'll
start with, say, the text section.)

Anyway, I wouldn't try to get Debian/Alpha into Debian 2.0 at this
point, especially not if we suddenly get lots of new packages.

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