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Re: Compiling packages

 > OK, how about I try mail?

 OK !

 > >  I compiled my own egcs here from a snapshot of 980302, because
 > >  I couldn't find the source package from Chris. If you want to give it
 > >  a try: <ftp://iem.mhsg.ac.at/debian/egcs>

 Sorry, it's there now !
 Be careful with it, because it was just meant for internal use.
 I still hope to get the debian/rules file from Chris.

 So it has wrong version numbering (2.91.23 instead of 1.0.1 ..)

 > Ah. OK. (This is probably in the developers' docs, but couldn't find it
 > right away...)

 Everytime I try a new thing with dpkg I have the same problem. I just
 don't know where to look in the docs ...

 > I volunteer.

 So we are two ...

 > Someone had done a batch compilation before, right?

 I think Lars Wirzenius said something about a compilation script.
 I once got a message from a sucessful Sparc compilation of the  sox package.

 > >  - Test the compiled packages
 > This is the hard part, I guess. At least test if it installs without any
 > problems; testing the actual functioning of the package is a bit more
 > problematic.

 I agree. Probably we really get more people for testing if a
 scratch installation would run smoothly .. 


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