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Re: automatic build script

Lars Wirzenius writes:
 > [ Please don't Cc: public replies to me. ]
 > Paul Slootman:
 > > > I've been digging through my archive, and found the script posted by
 > > > Lars on Nov 10, 1997. I've included it again in the attachment.
 > The current version should be findable at <http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/>.
 > There's even a .deb package for it. :)

 Oh good, I already implemented the IGNORED feature by myself ...

 > About compiling Debian/Alpha: A fast machine (like our 500 MHz/256 MB
 > system) should be able to compile everything in two weeks, maybe less

 You mean main, contrib and non-free ?
 Because this sounds rather long. Anyway our machine here seems to be 
 a little bit more stable (500Mhz,128Mb).

 We should develop dbuild into an automatic cron-driven alpha package
 compiler, which sends mail if something went wrong. We could then 
 concentrate on the main topics.
 > However, the problem is that most packages don't compile cleanly, and
 > looking at the problems takes most of the time. 

  .., but is the interesting part too ...

 I could set up an automatic compiler here, the only problem I have is
 disk space. (~2.5 Gigs will not be enough for all sources and
 dbuild should decide which packages need a recompile (according to
 quinn-diff), get them from the archive, compile, and send the binary
 Packages needing work should be posted to debian-alpha ....


 btw I will try to compile net now ...

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