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Re: Compiling packages

On Wed 18 Mar 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:
>  I don't know which of the packages already are compiled with egcs, so
>  it looks like we should do the whole bunch of it again.

Sound good to me.

>  Best thing would be, people would choose a whole section and try to
>  compile everything  with priority  required and standard at least.
>  I'm working at the base section at the moment.

OK, how about I try mail?

>  I compiled my own egcs here from a snapshot of 980302, because
>  I couldn't find the source package from Chris. If you want to give it
>  a try: <ftp://iem.mhsg.ac.at/debian/egcs>

It's not there... There's only a /debian/source directory, no
/debian/egcs .

>  Binary only can be uploaded when using the -m switch to dpkg-buildpackage.

Ah. OK. (This is probably in the developers' docs, but couldn't find it
right away...)

>  As you said before, we should coordinate the compiling effort.
>  - First step would be to collect volunteers.

I volunteer.

>  - Maybe somebody has written a compilation script which we could use 
>  (I did sort of, but my bash programming is really bad). 

Someone had done a batch compilation before, right?

>  - Test the compiled packages

This is the hard part, I guess. At least test if it installs without any
problems; testing the actual functioning of the package is a bit more

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