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Re: Compiling packages

mdorman@debian.org writes:
 > If no one were to significantly object, I have quinn-diff running each
 > night against the (currently empty) packages file for debian-alpha,
 > and could redirect this output to the list.

 This sounds great. Do it. 

 > It can be quite long, though it's quite short at this time, since
 > there's supposedly nothing in the alpha port. :-)  Hopefully the
 > archive will get fixed soon.

 For me the archives seem to be ok.

 > I'm also very interested in someone producing an automated build
 > script.

 Probably we should do this together with the other minorities ...
 Sparc, m68k , ....

 Ah, btw. most packages compiled ok from base 
 except .... dpkg, which seems to lack a macro for autoconfig.
 I'm not sure if this will compile on intel platform either.
 In my opinion it would be the best thing to upload the stuff to 
 master after a few basic checks, because if we start archiving them
 on our sites we will always be behind.


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