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Re: Compiling packages

On Wed 18 Mar 1998, mdorman@debian.org wrote:

> If no one were to significantly object, I have quinn-diff running each
> night against the (currently empty) packages file for debian-alpha,
> and could redirect this output to the list.
> For those who aren't familiar, quinn-diff gives you a list, divided up
> by sections, of what is out of date with respect to the i386 platform.

This sounds sensible.

> It can be quite long, though it's quite short at this time, since

Maybe a complete list once a week, and a sort of diff [a diff between
diff files? hmm..] every day?  And maybe make the list available via ftp
/ http?

Or just post the whole thing every day, that gives us an incentive to
keep the list short by compiling stuff :-)

FWIW: I've been compiling most of the mail section last night, and that
went reasonably OK. However, I discovered (of course, at the end) that
I'd been running a 2.1.87 kernel instead of 2.0.3x. I don't think this
influences the compilation of packages much, however; am I right in
thinking this? Anyway, I'll upload what I have to
ftp://ftp.murphy.nl/pub/debian/alpha/TEST/ . The subdirectory LOGS
contains the output from the dpkg-buildpackage runs, in case anyone's

Another point: smail couldn't link against libident, because
libident_0.21-3.deb contains a STRIPPED library! Argghh!

Paul Slootman
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http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands
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