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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

On Aug 29, Guenter Geiger wrote

Hey!  I don't recognize your name.  Does this mean we've got our first
user who's been able to navigate the waters without having to ask

>  Chris, is your archive merged with Michael's ? I think it would be
>  nice if there was one place, where one can get the freshest updates 
>  as long as they are not on master.

I'm going to see about doing the opposite---merging my archive with
his.  For various political reasons here on campus, my archive is
going to be going away. :-(

> I know that there are more important things around to do than
> compiling fvwm95 or xcontrib.

Every little bit helps, though.

>  Is there a TODO list for the *important* packages ( maybe I could
>  give one of them I try ).

Don't touch that!  It's the History Eraser Button

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