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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Robert Stone wrote:

> 	I put together a Debian Alpha system yesterday from the
> base1_3.tgz and a kernel both on
> ftp://gorba.lpt.fi/debian/disks-alpha/current. (The only other thing I
> needed to build the system scratch was a copy of milo, which I found at
> ftp://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/Miniloader/.)

Congratulations :)  Welcome to the Debian-Alpha "crowd" :)

> 	I've got a problem though... the gcc on ftp.debian.org needs
> libc5, but this system is running on libc6.1, and there is no libc5
> package on ftp.debian.org for Alpha at the moment. I need to find either
> a libc5 package, or a gcc package based on libc6.1.  Any idea where I can
> find one of these?

Well, we're in the process of rebuilding alot of stuff that currently
relies on libc5 and I'm sure that gcc is one of them.  For now, you could
always do a --force-depends when you install it via dpkg, but that's
really not a great solution for new users (*hint to those who've been
compiling gcc and packaging it*).  Unfortunately, we're still in a
transition development-wise and package-wise, between libc5 and libc6.1,
but that's getting ironed out as we speak.

FYI, the master archive is a little slim on Alpha packages at the moment,
in case you haven't noticed already.  I have been compiling packages in my
spare time and have posted them at my ftp site if you want to look or
don't see something on master that you might need or want to play with.
Here's the address:

If you happen to be development-oriented and would like to tackle a few
packages and compile them and/or convert them to new packaging format,
please feel free to go ahead.  I know all of us in this porting project
have a ton of work to do and could use as much help as you could offer :)

Thanks :)

 Christopher C. Chimelis          chris@classnet.med.miami.edu
 Systems Supervisor
 Division of Biomedical Communications
 University of Miami School of Medicine
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