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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

In article <[🔎] 199708291039.KAA28918@webern.mhsg.ac.at> you wrote:

:  Chris, is your archive merged with Michael's ? I think it would be
:  nice if there was one place, where one can get the freshest updates 
:  as long as they are not on master.

The right solution is for all this stuff to get put on master.  Chris tells
me he's ironing out the last details of acquiring developer credentials on
master, so when he's back from his vacation I hope all his stuff will get
uploaded.  Michael's been pretty good about uploading his stuff as soon as 
it's suitable for public consumption, and I uploaded everything I did before
I took a hiatus to focus all my energy on an amateur satellite project I'm
involved with.  I'm starting to get a little time here and there, and have
just put my UDB back together and am loading packages as I type this... so 
maybe I'll get a few things built and uploaded soon, too.

:  Now and then I do compile packages which are not on master. Is there
:  an incoming directory on beezer.med.miami.edu where I can put them ?

Go troll the www.debian.org site and find out how to apply to be a package
maintainer, indicating that you're working on helping port things for the 
Alpha.  That way, you can upload your alpha .deb's to master.  It's way too
confusing for this stuff to be spread out all over the place, particularly
since we'd really like the alpha to be a "supported" platform when Debian 2.0
is released.  

:  I know that there are more important things around to do than
:  compiling fvwm95 or xcontrib.

Not really.  Before Debian 2.0, we really want to compile all of the packages
that are available for x86 that are relevant for the alpha!

:  Is there a TODO list for the *important* packages ( maybe I could
:  give one of them I try ).

I'd suggest you just keep working on things that you find aren't available
that you want/need on your system.  Post a quick note here when you tackle
a new package and/or have it ready for others to try.  That way we all stay
in sync, and don't waste too much effort duplicating each other's work.  


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