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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

 > > libc5, but this system is running on libc6.1, and there is no libc5
 > > package on ftp.debian.org for Alpha at the moment. I need to find either
 > > a libc5 package, or a gcc package based on libc6.1.  Any idea where I can
 > > find one of these?

 I got my gcc from Michael Dormans site.. 
 > Here's the address:
 >	beezer.med.miami.edu:/pub/chris

 Chris, is your archive merged with Michael's ? I think it would be
 nice if there was one place, where one can get the freshest updates 
 as long as they are not on master.

 > packages and compile them and/or convert them to new packaging format,
 > please feel free to go ahead.  I know all of us in this porting project
 > have a ton of work to do and could use as much help as you could offer :)

 I am already running X under debian and it works quite well.
 Now and then I do compile packages which are not on master. Is there
 an incoming directory on beezer.med.miami.edu where I can put them ?
 I know that there are more important things around to do than
 compiling fvwm95 or xcontrib.
 Is there a TODO list for the *important* packages ( maybe I could
 give one of them I try ).


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