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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Guenter Geiger wrote:

>  Chris, is your archive merged with Michael's ? I think it would be
>  nice if there was one place, where one can get the freshest updates 
>  as long as they are not on master.

Not yet, but I can do that today.  It's actually a good idea.  Mike, I'm
gonna go ahead and ftp over your stuff into my dirs tonight...
FYI, for anyone interested, we've been having some problems with the
libg++ package, so use it at your own risk.  I personally couldn't get it
to do any work on my system, but YMMV.

>  I am already running X under debian and it works quite well.
>  Now and then I do compile packages which are not on master. Is there
>  an incoming directory on beezer.med.miami.edu where I can put them ?
>  I know that there are more important things around to do than
>  compiling fvwm95 or xcontrib.

This is true.  Well, you can put anything that you compile into my
directories.  In fact, I'll start an "incoming" dir tonight so you have
somewhere to stash things until I get back.  After that, I'll open
everything up for a more free exchange.

>  Is there a TODO list for the *important* packages ( maybe I could
>  give one of them I try ).

Not really.  I've been trying to tackle things on a directory-by-directory
basis, but haven't been too successful at completing any of them (except
the "news" directory which is now completely ported over).  Basically, if
you use it and would like to compile and package it, have at it :)  I
personally think that "useful" packages like Samba and Netatalk should be
towards the top of the list (since those two are heavily used, I think we
may be able to attract a bigger install-base if we get those working
soon).  Those are VERY much a pain to port and test, though, so if you
want to skip those and save them for me, be my guest.  FYI, I have full
facilities to test both of those packages, so it may just be safer to let
me do those unless you also can test them.  I tried samba before and
didn't have much luck...I haven't picked up the latest upstream sources
yet, though...

Thanks for the help, btw :)  Like I've said a few times, we've still got
alot of work to do on this port and any help we can get is greatly


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