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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

On Aug 29, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote
> On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Robert Stone wrote:
> > 	I've got a problem though... the gcc on ftp.debian.org needs
> > libc5, but this system is running on libc6.1, and there is no libc5
> > package on ftp.debian.org for Alpha at the moment. I need to find either
> > a libc5 package, or a gcc package based on libc6.1.  Any idea where I can
> > find one of these?
> Well, we're in the process of rebuilding alot of stuff that currently
> relies on libc5 and I'm sure that gcc is one of them.  For now, you could
> always do a --force-depends when you install it via dpkg, but that's
> really not a great solution for new users (*hint to those who've been
> compiling gcc and packaging it*).  Unfortunately, we're still in a
> transition development-wise and package-wise, between libc5 and libc6.1,
> but that's getting ironed out as we speak.

Doh!  Chris, you've got it wrong.  The "problem" is that the
mainstream debian gcc has a number of patches in it that conflict with
the alpha (the g77 stuff is bad, for instance).  Unfortunately one
thing our source format _doesn't_ do is handle this situation.  Thus
I've had to pretty much split gcc development on the alpha, and thus
my uploads to master keep getting rejected.

I'll have to see about getting Guy to hand-install them.

For the moment, there's a glibc'd gcc on
calder.med.miami.edu:/home/mdorman.  Chris, I'm going to drop this on
beezer today, since calder is going to be going away here soon.

Maybe egcs will be an appropriate solution for us...

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