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Re: gcc for debian alpha?

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> What kind of problems have you experienced?  Do you have any examples
> handy?  I just want to test the library I use (built by hands from
> sources without any packaging system), maybe it can give us some idea
> what's wrong with Debian libg++... 

The library itself seems to function correctly...it's really the -dev
package that seems to need some help.  I can't think of what I had
problems with offhand, but I remember installing it several times and then
immediately purging it.  Using the regular libg++ package on my site
should work fine, though.  Sorry, I should've been more specific when I
posted that.

> I don't have much C++ code around,
> I just keep that library to compile stuff like dselect (BTW, it works,
> even when dynamically linked with Debian's lib).  I don't want to
> recompile dselect one more time (with Debian libg++), just because
> dpkg build has become a nightmare due to recent automake additions.

Dselect works fine as is, as far as I know (I never use it, but have
mildly tested it on my system and it seems to work), so it shouldn't need
a recompile at this point.  If you manage to get the -dev stuff working
somehow, let me know how you did it since I've got a waiting list of
packages that need g++ to work properly.

I'm also attempting to compile libg++ myself using glibc 2.0.4.  It's slow
going, but I should make significant headway when I return.  Mike, if you
have any patches that you did for libg++, let me know and we'll look at
them when I return.  Maybe between the two of us we can get this thing
working the way it should :)

> One more BTW: as far as I remember, the soname of libg++ has been
> changed from 27 to 272 to reflect libc5 -> glibc transition in the
> Intel world (if I'm not wrong); however, the Debian package still uses
> 27...

Hmmm...good point.  If we get it repackaged, I'll make sure that the
package name changes as well...

Thanks for letting me know that since I didn't realise it :)  And feel
free to poke and prod at libg++ and the respective -dev package to see
what you can figure out :)


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